the current state

Rejecting the false dichotomy

The Australian Nation lives in despair and depression. The Australian people have lost their enthusiasm and hope for the future. In the past, one would hear of bright plans and eager dreamers, but now all one hears on street corners is of the struggle to survive and thrive. The people of our nation have been coerced to forget where they come from and the legacy of the past that flows through their blood. The country of Australia has become little more than a depositary for world capitalism and it's founding peoples have been left out of the picture.


Our 'revival' will be to place the people back in the picture; not as a small detail or feature but as the entire focus of the country. The GDP and economic growth does not make Australia and neither does the collection of landmarks and geography that makes up our land. It is the people, the Australian Nation, that makes Australia great. Towards this goal of reviving the Nation we work tirelessly with our minds and souls politically and socially. We wish for our people to shake the chains of individualism off and start to think about the whole collective over the whims of one man or woman. To this end we are Nationalists, for without the complete revival of the Australian Nation there will be no Australia.

We are nationalists because we see the nation as the only way to bring all the forces of our country together to preserve and improve our existence and the conditions under which we live.


The nation is the organic union of a people to protect its life. To be national is to affirm this union in word and deed. To be national has nothing to do with a form of government or a symbol. It is an affirmation of things, not forms. Forms can change, their content remains. If form and content agree, then the nationalist affirms both. If they conflict, the nationalist fights for the content and against the form. One may not put the symbol above the content. If that happens, the battle is on the wrong field and one’s strength is lost in formalism. The real aim of nationalism, the nation, is lost. Without the people of the nation, nationalism is little more than empty and hollow words. The substance of the nation is far more important than the form or style it uses.


That is how things are today in Australia. Nationalism has turned into bourgeois patriotism and its defenders are battling solar panels. Bourgeois patriotism is the privilege of a class. It is the real reason for its decline. When 10 million are for something and 10 million are against it, things balance out and nothing happens. That is how things are with us. Our entire national energy is wasted in eternal and unproductive squabbling between the right and the left. This way only goes downward, and today one can already predict when we will fall into darkness.


Nationalism is more wide-reaching than internationalism. It sees things as they are. Only he who respects himself can respect others. If as an Australian nationalist I affirm Australia, how can I hold it against a Chinese nationalist who affirms China? Only when these affirmations conflict in vital ways will there be a power-political struggle. Internationalism cannot undo this reality. Its attempts at proof fail completely. And even when the facts seem to have some truth, nature, blood, the desire to prosper, and the struggle for existence on this harsh earth prove the lies of fine theories.


We are nationalists because as Australians, we love Australia. Because we love Australia, we want to preserve it and fight against those who would destroy it. If a Communist shouts “Down with nationalism!”, he means the hypocritical bourgeois patriotism that sees the economy only as a system of slavery. If we make clear to the man of the left that nationalism and capitalism, that is the affirmation of our people and the misuse of its resources, have nothing to do with each other, indeed that they go together like fire and water, then even as a socialist he will come to affirm the nation if he does indeed have an ounce of moral vigour within him.


That is our real task as Nationalists. We were the first to recognize the connections and the first to begin the struggle. Because we are social we have felt the deepest blessings of the nation, and because we are nationalists we want to promote social justice in a new Australia.

but capitalism is the good guy... right?

The lie of bourgeois patriotism was to confound a certain economic form with the national. It connected two things that are entirely different. Forms of the economy, however firm they may seem, are changeable. The national is eternal. If I mix the eternal and the temporary, the eternal will necessarily collapse when the temporary collapses. This was the real cause for the collapse of liberal societies in the past. It was rooted not in the eternal, but in the temporal, and when the temporal declined it took the eternal down with it. Today it is only an excuse for a system that brings growing economic misery. That is the only reason why international capital organizes the battle of the proletarian forces against both powers, the economy and the nation, and defeats them.


From this understanding, nationalism draws its absolute demand. The faith in the nation is a matter for everyone, never a group, a class or an economic clique. The eternal must be distinguished from the temporal. Maintaining a rotten economic system has nothing to do with nationalism, which is an affirmation of our people. I can love Australia and hate capitalism. Not only can I, I must. Only the annihilation of a system of exploitation carries with it the core of the revival of our people. For example, Australia was home to some of the most beneficial progressive social reforms the world had ever seen in regards to the Union struggle for workers rights. This was only made possible by having a shared spirit, heritage, and overall solidarity amongst workers in a given community. It is no accident that productivity has skyrocketed, while pay has remained stagnant. It is no accident, that international capitalists prefer importing cheap foreign labor who will be content with less, demand little, and keep their heads down. As Australians, we demand a Revival of the economic system, one which truly benefits workers, their families and their broader communities. 



When the Australian coastline was first charted by The British, and it’s eastern shores explored more extensively by Captain James Cook, it was nothing but a feral wasteland with no significant human presence, and completely void of any evidence of civilization. After news of Cook’s recent discoveries, Great Britain sent her first fleet of mostly prisoners to this desert island for the purposes of settlement. And from these roots, our antipodean nation took its first footsteps into the pages of history.


When our European forebears first arrived on this untamed continent, they faced enormous hardships that are almost unimaginable to us today. The baptism of fire brought on by drought, food shortages and the constant threat of danger imposed by the natives were the first embers which ignited the inferno which was our national identity.


It was especially during the gold rush period that Australia's European identity was defined. Confronted with hordes of Chinamen seeking fortune on the goldfields, and a leadership that was willing to sell them out, men of a host of European backgrounds courageously banded together at places like Lambing flat and Buckland to drive the invaders out. As a result of this, the respective leaders of the colonies were forced to listen and drastically limited the immigration of non Euroepeans.

Continuing the spirit of the goldfields, the 1901 Immigration restriction act (or White Australia Policy) was put into legislation by our first government. Australia’s founding fathers enacted this immigration policy specifically to ensure that Australia would forever remain European. However, during the 1960’s during the global tide of subversive “civil rights” movements, our government dismantled this policy - without holding a referendum. This eventuated in the cataclysm of the continuing invasion of our continent, with faceless internationalists pulling the strings of subservient politicians with wave upon wave of non-European migrants as well as their offspring serving as their soldiers on the ground.

The 1901 immigration restriction act has been heralded as Australia's Magna Carta. Being wildly popular with the public, it was supported by various Liberal and Labor cabinets.


If you have not lived under a rock, then you would have heard our tyrannical leaders speak highly of the current ethnocidal invasion of Australia. With the the phrase “the most successful multicultural country in the world” a popular point of description. If this is the case, then it is surely proof that “multiculturalism” can never be successful. There is a growing discontent among European Australians with the current system of seemingly overt population replacement, however, their righteous angst is being dubiously mislead by various factions of the “conservative” press and various fake “nationalist” parties. Sayings such as “our immigration system is broken” and deceptive cries for “assimilation” and “integration” are being marketed to our dying people by a variety of snake oil salesmen who offer nothing but a faux alternative to the iron grasp of the neoliberal order we find ourselves increasingly suffocating in.

The conception that our culture is abstract from our race is absurd, the Australian culture is a product of the Australian people, who are European. It is therefore impossible for an Asian, African or any other person who is not of European heritage to magically become “Australian”, whether they were born here or not. A meaningless piece of paper doesn’t dictate your nationality, it is your race and the culture that you are raised in. A person of a foreign people who is born here may very much feel Australian, but unfortunately for them, they can never be - for being Australian is a combination of both a biological reality and the soil on which you are raised, not merely the latter. 


The future for our folk under the current our destiny is ripped from our person, destined to be a Brazilian, anarcho-tyrannical dystopia with no distinct identity or unifying national characteristic other than a meaningless passport. The soil on which we stand today, worked by and soaked in the blood of our European ancestors will also be the cursed ground on which we will become a minority - in the land that had been passed down to us, generation by generation. Our forebears toiled selflessly so that we may have more opportunity than they ever did.


A dark cloud looms over this land, and here at Australian Revival, we realise the magnitude of our national situation and the enormity of the tasks we know we must complete. As awakened European Australians, we see it as our duty to raise awareness of our plight and to galvanise racial consciousness in the millions of young Australians of European heritage, many of whom have a niggling in the back of their minds that something isn’t right. One thing that various nationalist groups of the past several decades have gotten wrong is setting the bar too high, and having unrealistic goals that often cannot be accomplished within their lifetimes. We seek to build our movement on many small victories, that we hope will eventuate in the reclaiming of our nation from our ancient enemy.


Australian Revival does not engage in direct politics, and does not hope to one day enter the corrupt parliamentary system. We fight in a meta-political battle, to instill a greater conciousness inside the hearts and minds of European blooded Australians, and win over as many people as we can to our side before the demographic hourglass runs out of sand. We also seek to build strong communities of members that will outlast the mudslide we find ourselves trapped under and come out victorious on the other side. White Australians, youths in particular; need a strong sense of community now more than ever. It's easy to lose hope, and spiral into a nihilistic, hedonist lifestyle. We aim to create a distinct collective that is focused on self-education, re-connecting with our roots, health in both body and mind, and of course - activism. 


Here at Australian Revival we do not promote or condone violence of any kind, nor do we engage in any activities that are outside of the law. Any members condoning or engaging in said activities

will be removed without hesitation. We seek to achieve our political aims peacefully.