There are several requirements to meet before joining Australian REvival


You Must:

  • Be of a European background.

  • Be employed, in full time education or both.

  • Be working towards or maintaining a healthy physique.

  • Be committed to our ideals (refer to our manifesto)

  • Be committed to participating in on the ground activism


You must also be joining for the right reasons, we are a pro-European organisation, not anti anyone else.


If you meet these requirements and wish to join AUSREV, send us an email using the box below to arrange an interview. In your application we don't need to know your real name, but you do need to let us know your town/city, age, your political beliefs, and why you'd like to join. We are always looking for new applicants, we can't save our people alone!



Here at Australian Revival we do not promote or condone violence of any kind, nor do we engage in any activities that are outside of the law. Any members condoning or engaging in said activities

will be removed without hesitation. We seek to achieve our political aims peacefully.