“Shut up nan!”


Back in the day mine and my friends' grandparents sounded the alarm, but my friends and I dismissed them out of hand. 


After all, they were racist and knew nothing.


I was too young to appreciate what was going on around me. I knew something was wrong, Id had enough contact with Pakistani Muslims, but I had no idea how bad things would get.


I swallowed my doubts ‘cause who wants to be a racist, right?


If I knew then what I know now though I’d have applauded my grandparents and done something.



The area I grew up during the 1980s/90s has all but gone. I'm from a small white working-class town that was built on manufacturing and coal mining. It was far from perfect. It had all the usual bullshit that goes with any community. But at least it had a sense of community, shared history, identity and belonging. There were always heavily Pakistani areas that it was best to stay away from (I've had a flick knife pulled on me for daring to enter the wrong pub, amongst other experiences). That was always on the fringes though and relatively easy to ignore. But then things started getting worse. On top of factories being shut down, we saw gradual demographic changes. It was slow at first but then increasingly rapid. It's gotten to the point that I no longer recognise the area I once called home. I cannot underestimate the impact that even small percentages of ‘racial strangers’ has on an area. The demographic data of the UK doesn’t even start to express the impact that mass immigration has had on many parts of the UK. (And this is not forgetting illegal immigration, which if taken into account would negatively impact on these stats significantly)






















Within a few years, you can go from being a predominantly white working-class area to one where whites are being pushed out by Pakistani families (and other minorities).

Just to give you an example watch this short video of Pakistanis in my local area. (I won’t go into the related issue of the economics of immigration here, so I recommend this excellent video: ‘Is Immigration Good for the Economy?’)



Well, I moved my family to Australia with the hope of something different (rather naively based on my experience here 20 years ago). Sadly I see the same problems here.

The Chinese are taking over the major cities, buying up land and industry, African gangs run amuck, drugs continue to ravage communities, while the country is fueled by the Great Australian population Ponzi scheme disguised as genuine economic growth...and that's just scratching the surface. Let's be honest, it’s fucked. And that's the point: I don't want to see Australia go the same way as my mother country.




All is not lost. Just compare the UK stats above with those of Australia (which I take with a pinch of salt, but are better than the UK):

Yes, Australia has huge problems to overcome, but there is a great deal to be hopeful about. It's not too late to change hearts and minds to turn the tide. Don’t let materialism, individualism, and Chinese influence overwhelm you and overshadow this great nation. Resist the pull of black pills and nihilism. They’ll tell you you've nothing to lose and everything to gain:


That your life will be enriched.

That you should be open-minded and welcoming. 

That this is the inevitable march of progress. 

That if you resist you should be ashamed and shunned.


Don’t believe them. 


They’ll ridicule you.

They’ll call you a bigot, a racist, a fascist just for wanting the best for your people and country.

They’ll make you feel guilty for your history and flag. 

They’ll make you feel guilty for being white.


Don’t succumb to their intimidation. You, your children and your grandchildren have everything to lose, while the elites and racial strangers have everything to gain. Be confident and proud. Study Australian history, along with your family roots. Build community. Make families. Red pill normies. Get the message out there. Be consistent, brave, strong and knowledgeable. 




My grandparents, who were born before WW2, died a few years back. I regret the way I dismissed them. I wish I could apologise to them and tell them “Yes, you’re right! This once great country is being sold out in favour of Globalism, cheap labour and votes”. Don’t have the same regrets as me. If you’re young and waking up to the truths of Nationalism then I urge you to get involved in some way defend your country and way of life. If the demographic stats are to be believed, all is not lost...yet. I believe Australian Revival has it spot on by focusing on meta-politics, self-improvement and community: 


“We fight in a meta-political battle, to instil a greater consciousness inside the hearts and minds of European blooded Australians, and win over as many people as we can to our side before the demographic hourglass runs out of sand. ...We aim to create a distinct collective that is focused on self-education, re-connecting with our roots, health in both body and mind, and of course - positive activism.”


We need to win people over to our way of thinking if any authentic change is to occur. Presented in the right way, we can and will win over the silent majority of this country. Put down the black pills and focus on the white. Despite the odds, you live in an era of great potential. Make your ancestors proud.




If it wasn't already inherently obvious to literally everybody, ethnicity plays a very large role in society and influences how people within it interact with one another. Every living creature on earth, from bacteria to ants, survive and thrive by continually securing their genetic and reproductive interests. When they fail to secure their genetic and reproductive interests, they ultimately become extinct.


As investigated by the author Dr Frank Salter, he posits that the rise of nationalism and anti-immigration attitudes is an adaptive response to replacement migration. He proposes a way of quantifying how immigration can lead to the loss of an ethnicity's genetic interest by comparing how significantly the migrant's own genes diverges from that of the native's (genetic kinship).


He takes into account that any territory has a maximum 'carrying capacity', meaning basically the maximum number of people that could live in a certain area given its local infrastructure and resources. Each new migrant to an area essentially 'replaces' a child of a native as the resource needed for that potential child has now been occupied by that migrant. This directly impacts an ethnicity's reproductive interests which in turn impacts their genetic interests. Dr Salter quantifies the loss of genetic interest as lost children, where migrants that are more genetically divergent from the natives results in a greater loss of genetic interest (since less of the native's genes are being continued).


For example:


- If 10,000 Danish people moved to England, it would result in the English having a genetic interest loss of 167 children.


- If 10,000 Bantuan people moved to England, it would result in the English having a genetic interest loss of 10,854 children.


The genetic distance of immigrants immensely impacts the continuance of an ethnicity's genetics, which

degrades their genetic interest -- the maintenance of which being a core principle to the survival of all living things.


When we take into account the unfortunate fact European birth rates are so low, typically lower than that of immigrants, the threat on ethnic genetic interest is even higher than first anticipated.Dr Salter argues that opposition to immigration is adaptive, which would explain the rise of nationalism in response to the flood of immigration promoted by western governments.


Of course, anyone who is intellectually informed on nationalism knows that it has its roots in common kinship, and that the nation is essentially a kind of extended family (people of the same ethnicity share about the same genetic kinship as one does with a half-sibling). When existential threats come against the survival of your family, the response is to fight it aggressively.


Evidence shows communal or societal altruism is strongly reliant upon the cohesive of ethnicity (ethnic nepotism) and that the more ethnically diverse a nation becomes, the less altruistic its citizens become towards each other. This diluting of altruism leads to more insecure and isolated communities who are cynical towards their neighbours. Trust breaks down and soon enough societal dysfunction develops. As crime rates, mental illness, suicide rates, and loneliness rises, it is clear that societal dysfunction is developing.


The evidence is clear: there is a natural principle behind nationalism. An ethnicity’s desire to preserve itself is natural in the face of losing its genetic and reproductive interests. It is only through the superimposing of exterior abstract beliefs that this core and inherent natural instinct is actively suppressed, funnily enough, ideas imposed by people who gain from the elimination of nations and any kind of cohesive ethnic identity.

History, nature, myth, and science all tells us nationalism is core to human social function and ultimately we are foolish to deny ourselves of this great benefit to ourselves and our kin.


Here at Australian Revival we do not promote or condone violence of any kind, nor do we engage in any activities that are outside of the law. Any members condoning or engaging in said activities

will be removed without hesitation. We seek to achieve our political aims peacefully.